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    Care for Employees

    Happy Life, Happy Work - The Sunny Heart Project Caring for Employees’ Mental Health

    Pfizer not only cares for the physical health but also the mental health of employees and their family members. In March, 2013, Pfizer upgraded their Sunny Heart Project, an Employee Assistance Program covering employees and their families. Sunch services included a 24-hour national toll-free service hotline; psychological counseling on the phone or face to face; monthly E-newsletter as well as tailor-made educational workshops. The Sunny Heart Project has already helped many Pfizer employees and their families deal with challenges in workplace and personal issues through professional counseling.

    Enrich Employees’ Leisure Time

    In order to enrich the employees’ leisure time, Pfizer China launched Fun Club in July 2013. Fun Club focuses in the following three areas:
    Sports: Pfizer Sports Alliance
    Life: Papa Mama Club
    Charity: Act with Love Volunteers Club
    These clubs were initiated and managed by Pfizer China employees and corporate provided financial assistance, promotion etc. resources for these three clubs operation. Pfizer China employees benefited and enjoyed Pfizer as a FUN place to work!

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