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    • Pfizer Business in China

      We have introduced more than 50 innovative drugs into China, including prescription drugs and consumer health products which span the areas of cardiovascular, anti-infection, arthritis, oncology, CNS, urology, Vitamins & mineral supplements, calcium supplements…

    • Currently market-leading blood fat-lowering medicine Lipitor and hypertensive medicine Norvasc;
    • Leading products on treating male erectile dysfunction(ED) Viagra ;
    • Leading products in the anti-infective field such as Diflucan, Sulperazon, Zithromax, Tygacil etc.;
    • Leading products in the anti-inflammatory analgesic field Celebrex;
    • Leading products in the depression field such as Zoloft, Efexor XR etc.;
    • Noted brands in the consumer healthcare field such as Centrum, Caltrate etc.
    • If you are a health care professionals and you want to know more about our products, please click
      Product Information.

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