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    Pfizer's Manufacturing Facilities in China

    Since the 1980s, Pfizer has established four state-of-the-art plants in Dalian, Suzhou, Wuxi and Fuyang that manufacture products for the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare.

    • Pfizer Dalian Pharmaceutical Plant
      Established in 1989, Pfizer Dalian Pharmaceutical Plant is the first GMP-certified plant in China.
      Pfizer Dalian Pharmaceutical Plant
    • Pfizer Suzhou Pharmaceutical Plant
      Pfizer Suzhou Pharmaceutical Plant was established in 1991 and engages primarily in the production of consumer healthcare and other OTC drugs.
      Pfizer Suzhou Pharmaceutical Plant
    • Pfizer Wuxi Pharmaceutical Plant
      Pfizer Wuxi Pharmaceutical Plant was established in 1995 and is a production base for Pfizer China’s anti-cancer drugs. The production base became GMP-certified in 1999.
      Wuxi Pharmaceutical Plant
    • Pfizer Global Biotechnology Center
      Pfizer Global Biotechnology Center was established in 2006 in Hangzhou. This innovative facility will be Pfizer’s third biotechnology center globally and the first in Asia. It will ensure the local production of high-quality, affordable biosimilar medicines that will benefit patients both in China and throughout the world.
      >Pfizer Global Biotechnology Center

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