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    Won Social Recognition

    Majors CSR awards:

    • Pfizer won awards of “Best Employers of China 2011”, “Most Popular Employer 2011” and “Top Employers of China 2012”
    • Pfizer won the first and the second “Shanghai Charity Award”
    • Pfizer won the “CHARITY” award from the China Charity Federation
    • Pfizer won the AmCham Shanghai CSR Award
    • Pfizer won the prestigious award of “Excellent CSR Practice”
    • Pfizer won a special award from the Red Cross of China for the contribution and donation to “2008 Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake”
    • Pfizer won the “Special Contribution Award” and the “Humanity Plate” from the Red Cross of China for the contribution to 2010 Qinghai Yushu earthquake relief
    • Pfizer won special awards of “Brightness Contribution of China Lifeline Express”

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